What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

We're so honored to have so many happy clients - so happy they were willing to leave us reviews!  Please check some of them out here as well as from our Yelp page.  And as everyone knows, the old saying goes, "happy clients, happy photography!" or no wait...was that "Happy Wife, Happy Life"?  Well...whatever, it's the same idea!  


We have so many great shots from that night...from the crying parents to the depth of the vows to the drunken buffoonery of our friends. Thank you David!

Norm & Chanda
Los Angeles, CA

David’s professionalism and attention to detail was key in allowing us just take it all in and enjoy our special day, leaving him do what he does best with full confidence that the end result would be nothing short of stunning. His willingness to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot is reflected in the quality of the end product.

Jimmy & Marla
Koh, Samai Thailand


Thank you soooo much!!! We just got done looking at them and they look amazing!!!

Melissa & Ken
Charleston, SC

The pictures turned out great! We’re really happy and hungry for more. The Nasher ones are very unique and almost to perfection :)

Phu & Garmee
Dallas, TX


I often thought while looking at friends’ wedding photos: “this all looks so staged and fake!” and I never wanted to look like that on my special day. Needless to say, I was so happy to find David, because at my wedding, all I had to do was have fun and he did the rest. Not only did he make us look 200x better than we actually do, but he made our happiness show through still images; something not many photographers can accomplish!

Lamya & Jesse
Austin, TX

“Wow! You work fast! You continue to amaze me with your professionalism and talent! It was truly a pleasure working with you. We are absolutely going to get pictures printed out. We would like to order some from you to give to our parents to hang up. I’m going to look through the photos and I will let you know which ones we pick out for our parents. Thank you again for everything! You brought my vision to light.”

-Taelyr & RC
Austin, TX

Hi Dave – I just had the chance to look thru all the pictures and they looked great! Thanks so much for capturing so many special moments for us. It will be a lifetime memory for us and you did a great job.

Albert & Nancy
Grapevine, TX

I had a vague, ‘unique’ concept about my engagement photos and David was the only one who almost instantaneously responded to my inquires. He didn’t just email me a .PDF price list of his marriage packages (which seemed to be the first answer I got from most other photographers.) Instead, he wanted to know more about my ill-defined concept and what we could do to make it translate photographically.
I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes when the photographer shares in your enthusiasm. He wasn’t just eager at the dollar amount he might be making; instead he was obviously more excited about bringing my obscure vision to life. I believe wedding photographs should be a collection of particular images. Moments in time that can begin the narrative on your lives together.”

-Blair & Sean
Dallas, TX